While in the studio, Linda enjoys both painting and creating pottery on the wheel. Linda excels when using her palette knives and acrylic paints, resulting in incredibly colorful and expressive pieces. Linda is a very friendly, gentle person with an incredible work ethic. She'll make sure to never forget your name.


Jon is a very friendly and kind man with a big heart. Jon starts with drawing very detailed images and then he brings them to life with bright felts. Jon is a great craftsman with a wonderful sense of color. He likes sports, to have a job, good food and to make art. Jon is very serious and devoted to his artwork.



Manuel has been coming to PotteryWorks since 2011. He enjoys making tiles that depict his favorite things, airplanes, tree houses, cranes and his Mom and Pops. Manuel also likes to paint molded pieces and has wonderful technique for laying down lots of color.


Jay has recieved support from CLS for many years.   Jay has also attended Pottery Works for several years and has learned to throw pots and paint.  He is well known for his wildlife-inspired pottery that he shows at craft fairs.


"Being creative gives me so much enjoyment and I feel more confident about myself because I have the opportunities to see I am good at it. When I'm making art, I'm in a different place." Sheri-Lynn is the PotteryWorks Teaching Assistant, teaching the other artists different skill sets. She is a fearless artist herself, always willing to experiment. Her growing confidence can be seen by all.


My name is Shannon Gregoire, and I was born in Maple Ridge, BC, but currently reside in Burnaby. I started making art as a teenager, and even after I acquired a brain injury in my later years, I kept on creating. I want people to know that I am the mother of three beautiful children . I like to do all sorts of arts and crafts, colour, listen to music, make and paint pottery and go swimming.  I love to make art, especially jewellry because  it’s relaxing and it helps me focus. My vocational support staff encourage me with my work and help me to network with other artists. I want to show my art to other people.


Darren has been attending the  PotteryWorks program for the last eight years. He likes to throw on the wheel as well as use the studio's press molds. He is always excited to have his pieces on display at the River Market and at Art Shows so he can share his artwork with everyone.

Tony is a passionate painter who loves color. Even though he paints in an abstract style, he is very specific about the design of his paintings. Tony is a friendly man with a great sense of humor. He loves music, art and coffee.

Isabelle has learned to paint background washes and to glaze. Isabelle and her support worker, Inthirani have developed a beautiful and unique design over the years. Together they decorate wheel thrown pottery in their distinctive floral style.


Rob is a loyal, honest and friendly individual that would stand up for his peers and staff if something is not right in his eyes. Rob is a fabulous painter and potter. He is very proud of his work and he takes it seriously. Rob works with pastels in a range of vibrant colours. His paintings are filled with layers of depth and emotion.


Linda was the first PotteryWorks artist and anyone who knows her, knows her love of beads, making jewellery, and clay fish. She spends many hours making beads of every shape and color.
Linda's energy and enthusiasm shine in the art she makes with the help of her staff.

Since starting the PotteryWorks program, Darlene has developed from a shy and unsure woman to the confident artist we see today.Darlene hand builds and throws clay on the wheel. She has created beautiful pieces depicting her Native heritage from the Chilcotin Nation as well as exploring other native designs.


Krissy joined Pottery Works about 8 month ago when she began hand making beads for her line of jewelry. Along with jewelry she loves painting pottery with her favourite flower (the tulip) which has now become her signature design. Krissy's hand made necklaces starting selling almost as soon as she got them out into the world. Not only does making and showing her art make her feel good, but the sales she makes allows her to do one of her other favourite activities; going out for a nice meal now and then. Krissy's biggest supporters are Marcela Hererra, Nicki Roberts and her mother. 


A man of many creative talents; Mark excels with his pottery,  and landscape paintings. Mark is a big part of all the art shows that PotteryWorks participates in and shows pride when talking about his work. He has sold many of his pieces to both the public and to private collectors.


In memorium. Leslie loved music and going to restaurants. He was very active in the PotteryWorks studio creating all sorts of vibrant pieces. Leslie loved to ride horses and he expressed this passion in his work. The tiles and mugs that he made often depicted horses and barns. Leslie's art is very creative, detailed, colorful and expressive. It continues to delight all those who have the opportunity to see it, and reminds us all of his playful spirit.



Jody attends our pottery program and enjoys mixing and painting unique glazes on her pots and bowls. Pottery gives Jody the oppourtunity to get out of the house and socialize with peers. Recently, Jody has been enjoying making tiles and painting various scenes nature on them.

Since starting the PotteryWorks program, Sangeeta has shown exceptional talent.  Trying her hand with pottery at first, Sangeeta later fell in love with and joined the painting program. This is where Sangeeta's true talent emerged.  The flower-inspired paintings she creates, serve as great examples of the pointillism technique.





Barb is a very enthusiastic member of her art class. She really enjoys being able to express herself, both with her pottery and her painting. She takes lessons on the wheel and sponge paints her pots. Recently, Barb joined the jewellery group in making and painting beads.

Jason has been an artist with the PotteryWorks program for a number of years.  Jason's passions, other than pottery, are going out for coffee, attending hockey games and golfing. Jason has learned to throw pots on the wheel but his main passion is hand building masks and creating alternative wall art.


Shamim has attended the PotteryWorks program for many years. She is a well rounded potter, throwing her bowls on the wheel and painting them in beautiful designs. Shamim also is an incredible hand builder, using clay to form wonderful animals. With a passion that is inspiring, Shamim light up the studio whenever she is present.

Nadie started attending PotteryWorks several years ago, and also works in our Rivermarket shop. She fell in love with the program the day she started. Nadie has a great dexterity to fine detail and enjoys painting with the skills she has quickly developed. She enjoys her time in the studio learning and creating new projects.

James is a man of few words but multiple talents. He is a painter and potter with his own unique sense of form and colour. In the studio, crammed with the works of many individuals, James' work stands out. He is a man with the soul of an artist, and his accomplishments continue to delight us all.



Dan has a natural ability and a passion for art. A very hard worker, Dan is constantly learning new skills and is very proud and happy to show them off. Dan is a very friendly and social person. He loves to paint subjects such as landscapes, fruits and flowers. He also throws his own pottery on the wheel. Dan is a multi-talented individual, and most importantly a very loyal friend.

Ed attends PotteryWorks four days a week and works very hard using pencil crayon and tempera paints to create beautiful cards. Ed blends colours and mediums to have fun with different designs. Ed loves his coffee and tea and listening to music. He is friendly and has a great sense of humor.

Before attending the PotteryWorks program in 2012, Lissa enjoyed the Aha Arts program. Lissa continues to enjoy painting her pottery pieces and loves to give them to her family. The PotteryWorks Studio allows Lissa to express herself and share her talents.


Heidi loves her time in the PotteryWorks Studio. She came to us from Nanaimo BC. In her program there, Heidi often painted and sold pieces that to this day she is very proud of.

Donald has always had an artistic flair and has many creative talents.  Donald is very involved in his community and regularly attends art galleries for inspiration. In his down time he enjoys literature (especially National Geographic). Donald expresses his talents using many different mediums. As one can see, he has a knack for being able to remember all the capital cities of the world, and has his own signature style of painting their names all over his pottery pieces.

Stacey joined Community Living Society in 1995 and lives in City Club. She enjoys pottery. She also paints and makes cards for all occasions. She loves to do all kinds of crafts. She is very creative.


One day when set up for art class was taking too long, Kathy said that if she didn't get to paint soon, she would cry. Kathy was born to paint and she is a most prolific artist. She produces a steady stream of paintings, cards and pottery. She paints hand thrown bowls, that are given to her, with festoons of flowers. They are always popular at our shows.

Bill is an artist in the Color Collective. He paints beautiful abstract landscapes and uses various colours and textures for his cards and canvasses. Bill is a kind and friendly man who loves to both show and talk about his art.

Harry is a very social person. He loves sports of all kinds, but mostly loves basketball, bowling, and swimming. He loves both listening to and making music, art, and seeing the latest flick. Harry likes to explore Egyptian and motorcycle themes in his art. He enjoys using many colours in his work and has a tendency towards portraits in both his sculptures and paintings.



“Pottery Works has given me the opportunity to share my native art with people.  It’s something I feel very passionate about. I’m trying to carry on my family legacy through my art.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as my family and I do.”

Rochelle attends the PotteryWorks program, and works in the studio's shop each once a week. She is a Special Olympics Athlete and has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Rochelle is a passionate potter who loves throwing on the wheel, and is meticulous about painting her pieces afterwards.


Paul is new to Community Living Society and the PotteryWorks program.  Paul enjoys developing his skills through direction and hand-over-hand support. Recently, Paul has started throwing lessons and enjoys painting on bowls he has created.

Jasmin has been attending Pottery Works studio for 3 years. Jasmin enjoys painting and drawing a range of subject matter. Shamin, Jasmin's sister, also attends Pottery Works, and they enjoy eachother's company. Throwing clay on the wheel during her pottery lessons are fun and interesting.  Among Jasmin's favourite pottery items to paint are piggybanks, jugs, small plates, mugs, and cups.


Donna is a vivacious member of the PotteryWorks Studio. She is positive and energetic and is a joy to experience. Donna is a focused and passionate potter.






My name is Robyn Osorio. I like painting, drawing and watching movies. In pottery class, I enjoy painting bowls and plates which helps me to improve my art skills. I look forward to continuing the PotteryWorks classes and showing you how proud I am.

He has been a member of Pottery Works since September, 2013. Kit enjoys painting pottery and his favourite colours are green and yellow. As a social person, Kit enjoys meeting new friends and interacting with people. Above all, Kit loves to laugh.



Tom is a man with huge spirit. Tom fills a room and approaches life with passion. He brings his passion to PotteryWorks and a focus that any artist would envy. No one is more proud of their work or more skilled at self promotion and sales then Tom. Once, when Ted Wiens of Royal Bank was visiting the studio, Tom showed him a mask he had made. When Mr. Wiens responded favorably, Tom signed "Give me money". Mr Wiens did give money to buy a new kiln and Tom happily accepted the cheque from him.




Karim is an artist who has been with PotteryWorks since its inception. Starting with painting, Karim now has a new specialty: bowls! Recently, Karim has begun throwing lessons and he enjoys the process of making his own bowls.





Jesse enjoys coming to Pottery Works because his creative time is when he can control and express himself best through a mix of artistic mediums. Although an avid painter, he also enjoys sculpting and painting his own pottery.



Shanyce is a born artist and is very passionate and focused. She is a painter, potter, knitter and seamstress. Shanyce is from the Coast Salish Nation and often uses First Nations Images in her work.



I find when I am at Pottery, I am able to express myself in a way that is hard to explain. I really enjoy handbuilding, glazing, painting and all that Pottery has to offer. I am really happy with the beautiful products I've made myself. Dee, the pottery instructor is wonderful and I appreciate all she has taught me. Recently I have been working on diversifying my art products so that I can have an independent Pottery Sale.




My name is Devon Aslin-West and I am deaf. I am 21 years old and I live in Burnaby BC. I attend PotteryWorks art classes where I work with pottery creating First Nations images on different pieces. I really enjoy these art classes and feel pride for the work I do.


Once Geoffrey starts a painting, he will spend long hours working patiently, until he is satisfied with his expression of form and color. He describes all his paintings with a single word: FIRE. His passion for painting freestyle art has enabled him to develop self confidence and maturity, a major breakthrough in living with autism.

"I have lived in Burnaby all my life.  I have two years experience volunteering at the Edmonds Community Centre.  I have a great passion for plants and have a proven green thumb.  I have been painting for years and love attending the PotteryWorks-day program!"